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Friday Nov 05th, 2021


Hi, <<First Name>>.   If you could change just ONE thing about your house, what would it be and why?


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Five years ago, the average Canadian house price was $471,000. In May this year, the same house would sell for $688,000. The Canadian housing market has been an unlikely beneficiary of COVID. Even smaller cities like Windsor, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia have seen price increases as people move to more affordable areas to work remotely. 

The crazy real estate market has many people wondering if it's a bubble that’s about to burst, or if the market will retain it's value. My thought is that market incentives that have been driving our prices aren’t likely to go away overnight – even after the pandemic subsides.

In fact the market seems to be more like a fluff-filled pillow than a bubble. It may lose some fluff and flatten, but it doesn't seem likely to burst. Already statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales were down slightly (3.5%) between June and July 2021. And yet prices still rose 0.6% month-over-month. The market seems to be leveling off rather than dropping precipitously.

The good news for owners: The value you gained in your home these past few years is likely to remain largely in place, plus or minus. The good news for buyers: You might have a bit of breathing room as more homes come on the market, perhaps slowing the bidding wars.

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Don't have a lot of money, but want an updated look? The folks at have gathered a plethora of ideas, from simple to a little more complex...but all much cheaper than a full re-do. All you need in most cases is a little imagination and time, and a little cash on hand.
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In the UK, there are dozens of quaint historic "redundant" churches which are no longer used for Christian worship. To support the upkeep of these beautiful old buildings, an Airbnb-style service called "champing" rents either whole churches or portions of a church to travelers. This is actually a centuries old tradition where travelers could seek rooms in churches and abbeys, but with a modern twist where space can be booked online. Learn more at the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT).



It's a simple thing. When you're trying to get actionable input from someone, you'll have dramatically better results if you add just one word to your questions.

The one word is ONE. As in... "What's one thing I could change to make your experience better?" Instead of "What could I do to make your experience better?"

Leaving a request wide open leaves people with too many options. With too many options, people have trouble prioritizing, or they give too much information. Or they may freeze up because there's so much on their minds. But when you ask for just one thing, it focuses the mind like a laser.

  • "What one problem is giving you the most trouble?"
  • "Could I take just one thing off your plate?"
  • "What one chore you could finish before school?"

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