Home Inspector - What do they do?

Thursday Aug 26th, 2021


A home inspector is usually licensed or highly experienced at inspecting homes for defects in major systems in the home such the electrical, roofing, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, foundation and sometimes septic system if applicable.

Home inspectors cannot see what is behind the walls. (Of course, they are not mutants) They can make a visual assessment of the house to give ideas and timeframes for upcoming repairs that may be necessary, check major items like the structure, roof, age of the windows, check appliances, check electrical receptacles, see if there is anything visibly wrong with the foundation, look at the heating and air conditioning units, use infrared cameras to check for water leaks and heat loss.

Depending on the features included in the home, you may need inspectors specializing in swimming pools, fireplaces and septic tanks. (Repeat Septic tanks slow motion c/o jess)

Typically, buyers do not get a home inspector for a condominium apartment however you can obtain a home inspection if you like. Discuss your concerns and options with your sales representative.

A good home inspector does not provide you with the merits of why the home is a good purchase but will provide you with a list of things to be concerned with when buying a home.

If there is an offer date on a home, a home inspection can be done before submitting an offer. If you are not successful during the bidding process and are not successful in getting the home, you will lose the money spent on the home inspection. (Sad face c/o Jess)

Sometimes the selling sales representative will have a home inspection done prior to the sale and provide it to your sales representative. This report can be called a pre-list home inspection. Many times, it is an abbreviated or shortened home inspection. If you would like more details, you can pay the same home inspector to walk through the home with you or explain it in greater detail by phone. You always have the right to get a home inspection done by your own home inspector.

If you purchase a home and include a home inspection condition (see Conditions and what they mean), you can get the home inspection done after your offer is accepted.  You will have a certain amount of days to complete the home inspection and remove the condition.  

Unless the home inspector discovers a significant defect with the house, you may not be able to use any negative findings as tools for negotiation.  In today’s market, sellers can typically find another buyer that will accept the home with the current deficiencies. It is very important to ask questions and use your sales representative’s expertise. A negative home inspection does not mean that you must purchase the home as is, you can get out of the deal if your home inspection is completed and your decision is made before the expiration of the condition that is included in your offer. 

For example, you purchase a home that includes five days to complete a home inspection.  The home inspection is completed on the first day of your condition. The home inspector finds that the home needs a new roof, new furnace and new air conditioner.  Your sales representative discusses this with the sellers and they are not willing to remediate or decrease the sales price to compensate for the deficiencies. You decide not to purchase the home because the cost of the repairs are too expensive. You still have the opportunity to say no to the purchase and get your deposit back before the end of the day on day 5 of the condition.

It is a good idea to be there in person during the home inspection. (The buyer is the first and final unlicensed inspector) You can see firsthand if there are any problems and ask the home inspector any questions. It is also good because you get to see the mechanics of the home and learn about it in detail such as where the thermostat is, the water shut-off valve is located, and where the electrical breaker panel is located.  A good home inspector will provide you with a written report and will note important features for you as a homeowner.

Questions to answer:

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