Moving, Decluttering. Sell Your Stuff to the Swap Shop!

Friday Aug 31st, 2018


If you are looking to get rid of some junk, I have a great new tip for you. The Swap Shop in Toronto is a great little find at the corner of Victoria Park and Lawrence.  They will take your used electronics, instruments, small appliances bicycles and they will actually PAY you for it. This is a great way to de-clutter in the summer or as you are getting ready for a move.  The link to their telephone number is below give them a call,  see if they will accept your stuff. If you are hunting for used things, maybe an iPad, video game or  you don't want to spend full price on a telephone, come check them out they have some great stuff.


Swap Shop

Victoria Terrace Shopping Centre

1448 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M4A 2V6

Phone: (416) 701-1701

Check out their Facebook Page 


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